* This setting defines an internally creatable object only.

* Client applications are unable to create instances of the class.


* This setting defines an internally createble object. The object can be used externally.

* Client applications can use instances of this class, but can't create new instances on their own.

* The component needs to create the instance of this class and pass it to the client.


* Allows any number of objects or instances of this class to be created both internally and externally by the client.


* Same as MultiUse except that explicit creation of instances is not required to invoke class method or property.

* In other words, class methods and properties are treated as if the were global in scope.

* Invoking a class method or property will automatically instantiate an instance of the class.

A client application can:

* Not instantiate and not use a Private class.

* Not instantiate but use a PublicNotCreatable class.

* Both instantiate and use a MultiUse class.

* Both instantiate and use a GlobalMultiUse class.

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