Processing the Toolbar Click Event

Disabling buttons

Common Properties
Index Index of the button in the button objects collection
Caption A caption added to the face of the button.
This will change the size of smaller buttons.
Key The name assigned to each button.
This can be used to select a specific button.
It is more accurate than Index since the index number can change.
Value The values are tbrUnPressed and tbrPressed.
ToolTipText This is displayed when cursor hovers over the button.
Image The Index or Key of the image in the associated ImageList.
Tag Any value can be entered in the Tag field. This can be used as a flag or reference.

Button Styles
Default This is the standard button.
Check This is a toggle button. When pressed, it stays depressed. When pressed again, it becomes unpressed.
ButtonGroup Groups selected buttons together, so that pressing one caused the others to be unselected.
Separator Blank space between buttons
PlaceHolder Allows a program created control, such as a combo box, on the toolbar.
DropDown A button menu can be inserted here.

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