SumIf Worksheet Function

by Linda Quinn

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=SumIf(range, criteria, sum_range)

SUMIF - Sums the values in a range if they meet a certain criteria.

If SUM_RANGE is left out, the cells in RANGE are summed.

Example 1:

  A B C
1     VALUE              REBATE
2     $100              $10.00
3     $500              $20.00
4     $1000              $25.00
5     $1500              $35.00
7 = SUMIF(A2:A5, ">700.00", C2:C5)     

This Formula will sum the values in range C2:C5 where the values in A2:A5 are greater than $700.00.

In this example, the values in A4 and A5 meet the criteria, so the values in C4 and C5 are summed.

The formula will return the value $60.00.

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